sharon chomas

  • Certified Caregiver, Personal Assistant, Elder and Family Advocate.

    My mission,  and my company's purpose,  is to help people stay in their home as long as they want to be there. -----Comfortable, independent and in control of their life.

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Frequently Asked Questions....

Can I hire you for a just a few hours?

  • YES!  You can employ me by the hour,  day,  week,  or month,  remember my services are tailored to your needs.
  • My caregiver is going on a vacation for a week or two,  can you substitute for her while she's away?

  • No problem.  Let's meet beforehand so I can get aquainted with your needs and schedule.
  • I have medical needs that might require a nurse's attention,  are you a nurse?

  • No.  I am not a nurse. However I can help you get to a clinic or hospital,  I can help you with admissions,  appointments,  paperwork,  and whatever else you might need while you get medical attention.
  • I have a cat, do you mind pets?

  • Not at all.  I  "pet sit"  for folks while they are away.  Or it might happen I take someone to an appointment,  and when we get back they feel like a nap,  so I will walk the dog before I go. It's all about making you and your family comfortable.
  • Errands to run and no time to run them?

  • I can pick up the dry cleaning,  take a package to the post office,  or shop for a gift you want to give to your grandson.  Consider me your  "go to"  person for any of your needs.
  • Kids -- Want to give your parents something they wouldn't ordinarily get for themselves?

  • I can pick up that pizza and deliver it,  take them out to lunch on their birthday,  or treat them to an outing. I can help you give them that thoughtful something to make your loved ones day a special, happy day.
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